Tarot Books, Decks, Sites and Blogs

These are resources that I think are superb. This is my completely subjective list! But these help me in my continued study of Tarot.

I will be adding to this list periodically.

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Mary K. Greer

For beginner to advanced

Mary Greer's seminal work on using the Tarot cards for self awareness and actualization. This should be in the library of every person who is interested in the Tarot.

For beginner to advanced

Find many ways to read ONE card and realize how rich the Tarot system is. Mary walks us through 21 different ways to find meaning in each card.

For intermediate to advanced

In this book, Mary tackles one of the more challenging aspects of Tarot: The Court Cards. A thorough examination of a potentially confusing aspect of the Tarot.

Rachel Pollack

For beginner to advanced

Rachel Pollack's groundbreaking work on the Tarot. An in-depth yet easy to read book on the meaning and use of the cards. Another book that should be in everyone's Tarot library!

For intermediate to advanced

I love this book! Rachel takes us on a journey through myth, imagination and spirituality. A tour de force of insight that leads to self knowledge. Let Rachel show you how to follow the images to your own awakening!

For beginner to advanced

A deep and fresh look at the cards, meanings, use and inspiration.

James Wanless

For beginner to advanced

James has created a Tarot deck called Voyager, a beautiful collage deck that helps us see the interior of the Tarot cards: the essence of the meaning. We become the Voyagers through Life, through Time, and through our own unique journey.

For beginner to advanced

James offers us a guide to becoming our  own oracle. Through myth, psychology and spiritualism, James shows us how to listen to that elusive inner voice that has the answers to our most heartfelt questions. A must have for serious Tarotists.

Geraldine Amaral

For beginner to advanced

A seminal work on the Major Arcana. Geraldine offers a clear and poetic explanation of the 22 cards of the Major Arcana, that describe the journey of the soul. Another must have for your Tarot library.

Marcus Katz and Tali Goodwin

For beginner to advanced

Massive research went into this book focused on the images of the quintessential Tarot deck: the Rider Waite Smith (RWS) deck. This fascinating study contains in-depth descriptions of each card and the specific images on it; their origins, history and evolution. Marcus and Tali give us tremendous insight into the beautiful, captivating pictures created by artist Pamela Coleman Smith for this famous deck.

For beginner to advanced

The first book in a three book series. This volume gives you basic techniques of reading, a variety of card meanings, an excellent history of Tarot and various spreads and ideas for using the cards.

For intermediate to advanced

The second book in the series. This volume goes deeper into the subject of the Tarot and how to use it, focusing on more complex spreads, reading for others, answering the big questions and much more.

Joan Bunning

For beginner to intermediate

A simple, straight forward, easy to understand guide to the traditional card meanings, how to lay the cards out and how to do a complete Tarot reading. A great way to start your Tarot path.


Tarot decks these days come in hundreds of different forms. My suggestion when buying a deck is to look over many samples, and see what resonates with you. Once you look at the images of the deck  you'll know if it's right for you.

Here I will give you just a few examples of popular decks and decks I admire.

The deck created by Arthur Waite and Pamela Coleman Smith (artwork) that sets the standard for the modern Tarot deck. First printed in 1909 the deck is referred to as the Rider Waite Smith deck. (Rider was the publisher).

A version of the Rider Waite Smith (RWS) deck (there are MANY versions and variations) with a softer color palette. This is the deck that I use for professional readings.

A collage deck by James Wanless

An intuitive and rich deck with a modern sensibility. 

Rachel Pollack's holistic deck with illustrations by Rachel. Steeped in mythology and beautiful concepts, this is a deck for the soul explorer.

A deck based on RWS. This deck was the favorite of my best friend Bill, who was a great influence on my Tarot exploration. He was also the best friend a person could have.


Aeclectic Tarot

This site specializes in reviews and samples of many Tarot decks. If you're looking to purchase a new deck, check out this site.  They also offer free readings, card meanings and a Q & A forum.

Tarosophy Tarot Association

Well worth the small membership fee if you are interested in Tarot. They offer an incredible array of courses for the amateur and professional, a Tarot magazine, videos, card meanings, spreads, community and much more. Run by the indefatigable Marcus Katz and Tali Goodwin.

"Tarot Museum Belgium is a continuous intensive search. A quest for the essence of the tarot cards, swinging between spirituality and science, between "wishful thinking" and facts." as described by its creator Guido Gillabel. It's a fascinating look at historical decks and ideas about Tarot. And it's a physical place which I hope to visit!

The Tarot Garden

Another great source of Tarot decks especially independent and rare ones. With a database of over 1500 decks, a searchable library of information on Tarot  and a boutique with over 800 available decks, you'll have plenty here to explore.


A closed Facebook group run by Marcus and Tali for amateur and professional readers. This is a fantastic group of Tarot enthusiasts from all over the world who share questions, insights, ideas and experiences.

What could be better than learning from a Tarot master? Follow Mary Greer's Tarot blog for fascinating insights into all aspects of Tarot .

James has a unique and inspirational way of looking at the world and at Tarot. Check out his blog, his website and all the resources he offers free. You can even become a certified Voyager!