An Invitation to Learn the Tarot


* Would you like to tap into your natural intuition as a guide for your life?

* What would it feel like if you could access your inner voice on a daily basis?

* Could you use a grounding practice to help you find some peace and calm?

* Would you like to be able to do a Tarot reading for yourself and others without           being buried in a book of card meanings?











Learning how to use Tarot cards can give you a gateway into all this and more. If you have ever been drawn to the imagery or symbols of Tarot cards, or just the desire to lay out the cards to access a deeper wisdom, now is the time to learn the Tarot.


I am delighted to be your guide for this journey. I am a fifteen-year professional reader and lifetime explorer of Tarot. You can learn more about me in my full bio.


"Elise is insightful, positive, articulate, and thoughtful. I find her readings to be uncannily accurate." Susan, Rockville, MD


In this live, interactive class we will explore a wide range of topics specially tailored for Tarot beginners. Whether you have been experimenting with Tarot for a while or have not yet picked up your first deck, by the end of our time together you will have a working understanding of everything you need to support your own Tarot practice:


  • Meanings for each card

  • How the cards work together

  • How to lay the cards out in a spread

  • Rituals for taking care of the cards and using them

  • How to ask a question so you get a clear answer

  • How to do a reading for yourself

  • How to read for others


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First class: Saturday, January 19, Time TBA)




* Have the knowledge and skill to do a complete Tarot reading for anyone, including yourself.


* Be able to connect more easily with your own intuition to guide you


* Understand the deep meaning of this amazing and beautiful tool


How Will the Class Work?


We will meet together virtually each week for six weeks for a 90-minute lesson followed by an optional 15 minute Q&A session. I will send you the links to connect with the video call along with an agenda and any handouts for the lesson. It’s simple to connect to the class, no fancy software required—just a web browser.".


Between lessons, you can go on our private Facebook page where you can talk with other students, compare notes and ideas, and ask me any question that comes up for you.


Here’s what you’ll receive:

Over 12 hours of expert instruction

Guidance provided by a professional and passionate Tarot reader

Lifetime access to recordings of the classes and Q&A sessions

Downloadable class notes and other materials.

Resources that you can return to again and again

Click here to JOIN THE CLASS!

(Send an email and I will send you the link for payment)

First class: Saturday, January 19, Time TBA)


What We’ll Cover:

Lesson 1: Getting Started with the Tarot  

Let’s dive in and see what The Tarot is all about—we’ll cover a little history, talk about the contemporary approach to reading Tarot, and also get to some of the most frequently asked questions about how to choose a deck and how to start your own practice.


Introducing The Tarot

  • Where did it come from? A Brief History of the Tarot

  • The Classic Deck: Rider Waite Smith

  • The Language of Symbols

  • Your “Intuitive” Approach

    • Reaching the Unconscious Mind

    • Learning to Trust Yourself

    • Remaining Open

  • One tool, Many Paths - Finding your own process  

How do You Pick a Deck and Care for Your Cards?

  • Choosing a Deck

  • Cultivating Respect for the Cards and Your Practice

  • Creating Your Ritual

  • Storing Your Cards


Let’s Use our Cards!

  • How is the Tarot Deck set up?

    • Major/Minor Arcana

    • Suits

    • Number Cards

    • Court Cards

  • Simple Ways You can Start Working with the Cards

    • Card-a-day Practice

    • Intuitive Message Reading



Lesson 2: Major Arcana: The Soul’s Journey:

The Major Arcana represents our cyclical voyage through life and meaning

Major Arcana Card #0, The Fool through Major Arcana Card #11, Justice


We’ll look in depth at the first twelve Major Arcana cards and talk about their deeper meanings.


  • What are archetypes?

  • How do they arise in the first 12 Major Arcana cards?

  • What do they tell us about our soul’s quest?


Lesson 3: The Major Arcana: The Soul’s Journey:

The Shadow through Completion

Major Arcana Card #12, The Hanged Man through Major Arcana Card #21, The World


This part of the Major Arcana takes us into our Shadow side then to our rebirth and finally finishes the journey only to begin again at #0.

  • Heading into the Darkness

  • Death, the Devil, and The Tower

  • The Return of Light

  • Finding Completion


Lesson 4: The Minor Arcana: Everyday Life

We will take a closer look at the cards that make up the Minor Arcana, those cards that deal with our day to day situations.


  • Four Suits: Wands, Cups, Swords & Pentacles

  • Numbered cards from 1 - 10


Lesson 5:  Court Cards: People We Are,

   People We Meet

(Note: This class will run a full 2 hours so we have plenty of time to cover all the fascinating details and nuances of these cards)


  • Who are the Pages?

  • Who are the Knights?

  • Who are the Queens?

  • Who are the Kings?



Lesson 6: Doing Readings (Putting it all Together)

We will take the process from beginning to end, whether you’re reading for yourself, your friend or a client. We’ll work with several spreads that ask for different numbers of cards.


  • Define the shape of the reading.

  • Determine the question and how to ask it.

  • Involve the Other Person

  • Pick your spread - How many cards, what are the position meanings

  • The most popular spread: The Celtic Cross

  • Learn the art of interpretation

  • Weave the story

  • Consider reversals ‒ two ways to read them

  • Create a snapshot in time

  • Ground yourself before leaving the reading space

  • Remember that nothing is absolute


Extra Session 7: Wrap Up and Questions

  • How to become fluent in Tarot

  • Resources for further study

    • Books, blogs and bliss: The continual growth of Tarot thought

  • An overview of decks: there are hundreds of them!

  • Online Tarot groups, gatherings and worthwhile links


"Elise knows her stuff, but wanted me to see for myself, and I did. After our reading I felt focused, revitalized, moved, and very peaceful. Highly recommended!!"

Terena Barajas, Life Coach & EFT Miracle Worker, Bogota Columbia & Athens, Greece


I hope you’ll join me for this comprehensive class of:

More than 12 hours of expert instruction

Guidance provided by a professional and passionate Tarot reader

Lifetime access to recordings of the classes and Q&A sessions

Downloadable class notes and other materials.

Resources that you can return to again and again


For this session only, the full course is available for an introductory rate of only




Come join our small group for an intimate learning experience that will give you a strong foundation and the confidence to begin integrating a unique Tarot practice into your everyday life. Discover what so many people have learned over the centuries—that the Tarot is a powerful and creative tool that helps us tap our deep intuition, ground ourselves, and navigate our inner and outer lives with greater ease, joy, and wonder.


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(Send an email and I will send you the link for payment)

First class: Saturday, January 19, Time TBA)

Fortune is calling. Will you answer?


Meet Elise Kress, your guide and teacher for this program:

I have been drawn to the Tarot since I was a child. The women in my family used a variety of occult practices; my mother read astrology charts and my aunt read playing cards. I don’t know why, but the Tarot kept calling me. Eventually, I decided to pick up my own deck and try it for myself.


After years of reading with an interpretation book by my side, I took my first formal Tarot class,and it changed everything! Being guided through the system by an experienced teacher brought new insight and understanding to my approach and led me to become a professional reader.


I’ve had the great fortune to study with the many of the most respected Tarot Masters and scholars, including Rachel Pollack, Mary Greer, James Wanless, and Geraldine Amaral among others. I  have been consistently struck by their compassion, their accessibility, the breadth of their knowledge, and their commitment to bring the Tarot into people’s lives in a way that helps them achieve their dreams. This is not your great grandmother’s Tarot!


I’ve now been reading professionally for 15 years, and I continue to be amazed at the way the cards touch people’s lives. As the reader, I am always learning more about myself and the world. I always think the cards are speaking to me as well as the person getting the reading (the querent).


I am also a musician. I play the flute and penny whistle, and I sing. I love folk and Celtic music and perform regularly. My other interests include art, traveling, theatre, books, tolerance, and bringing more joy to the planet.


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First class: Saturday, January 19, Time TBA 



There are a lot of Tarot courses. Why take this one?


* You will have access to your teacher during the entire course: through online classes and the Facebook page.


* You can be located anywhere in the world! You’ll take the course from your own home.


* You will have the opportunity to take the course LIVE. Most online courses offer prerecorded lessons. You are not               engaged in a live experience.


* If you can’t make a lesson, just watch it at your convenience! You can still interact with the other students and me,             the teacher, live on Facebook during the entire length of the course.


* You can use the material to work with your own deep questions or you can become a professional reader!


* Do you want a refresher? You can listen to the program anytime or take the entire course again on your timetable.


* I hope you’ll consider joining me for this exciting and profound work.


If you’ve always wanted to learn the Tarot,


* Ask me about a payment plan if you want to pay in installments!

What you seek is seeking you.  —Rumi

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