I did a Tarot reading for us...

I pulled three cards asking the question: What would you and I benefit from in my blog? Here are the cards I drew:

The High Priestess

The Knight of Swords

The Death card

(From the Universal Waite Tarot deck)

So what ideas can we get from these cards?

The High Priestess - she is the silent knower of all esoteric and metaphysical knowledge. She holds a sacred text in her lap and sits before a drape of pomegranates. She wears a crown which contains all the phases of the moon and has a crescent moon at her feet.

With its hard exterior and inner richness in seeds, the pomegranate symbolizes Abundance - a wealth of knowledge available.

The moon represents intuition - the source of this knowledge.

I think the High Priestess asks me to listen to what YOU want to learn, to know about the Tarot; to try to inspire you to seek and ask your own questions. I want to help you use your intuition to find your own scroll, like a map, to follow your journey and discover your best path.

**So in the comment section please use your High Priestess energy and tell me what questions YOU have about the Tarot and its uses.**

The Knight of Swords - Here's a man of action! Not sitting all day thinking and dreaming like the High Priestess, but on the quest. Chasing his destiny. He is the Knight in the suit of swords. Swords represent challenges, communication and the analytical mind. He is a doer, not a dreamer! And he's taking us with him!

This Knight says to me, "don't just talk, do. Do more card readings. Maybe one of your readers would like a short reading? Maybe we can share a reading. Offer exciting ideas for working with the Tarot and your Tarot reader.

**In the comment section please use your Knight of Swords energy and tell me if you are working on any aspect of the Tarot. Or what is your quest? Or we could have a drawing for a reading! **

The Death Card - Hoo boy! Everyone's favorite card! But don't fear Death because haven't we all gone through many deaths in our lives? Physical death is just one example, but most of us have experienced the death of relationships, ideas, some of our dreams, and even some of our behavior that worked for us when we were younger that doesn't work so well now. The appearance of the Death card gives us the opportunity to shed old skin - all the things we still carry that we don't need. It's a card of release and rebirth.

The Death card tells me to tackle difficult topics and not hide from any idea that might be challenging; to look for the ways in which we share common experiences and find the "aha" moments that allow us to grow out of our safe cocoon. Death's white flag, our clean slate, shows us we can begin again with a new understanding and new dreams that align with our true selves.

**In the comment section please tell me about what you see in the Death card, and how it might help you release some unwanted pattern or idea.**

So now it's your turn. Please leave me a comment and tell me what knowledge you seek (the High Prriestess) what action you would like to take regarding Tarot (the Knight of Swords) or what ideas are holding you back that you'd like to release (The Death card). I will try to address all in future blogs.

Some sample questions:

Can I do a reading without knowing traditional meanings?

Can I do a reading with only Major Arcana cards?

What are Major Arcana cards anyway?

How about those scary cards like Death and the Devil?

How can I use the Tarot for myself?

What are spreads and how can I use them?

Thanks so much and I look forward to seeing your comments!

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