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n: ˈhī-(ə-)rə-ˌfant

1 : A priest in ancient Greece; specifically; the chief priest of the Eleusinian mysteries

2 : a. Expositor

b. Advocate

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

When I was learning about Tarot, many Moons ago, 🌛 there were few books, no internet (in the dark ages) and no teachers. Now we have a wealth, an avalanche of resources and opportunities to learn from; to help us understand, grow, create and explore this fascinating system.

But where to start? I would like to recommend some places for you because I love sharing terrific material. Also, please take a look at my Resources page where I list my favorite books, decks, sites and blogs. These are my personal favorites and the list will grow. I'm sure you will find many more that will resonate with you once you start this journey.

So let the Hierophant be your mentor and advocate, and let him share these amazing guides with you.

Aeclectic Tarot

Tarot books, card meanings, free readings, and an excellent place to find examples and reviews of many Tarot decks.

Tarosophy Tarot Association

Courses, articles, card meanings, magazine, community, Tarot gatherings, how-to videos, lots of free material. Run by Marcus Katz and Tali Goodwin in England.

The Tarot School

Courses, newsletter, lots of free material and an amazing annual spring gathering of Tarot people called The Reader's Studio. Run by Ruth Ann and Wald Amberstone in NYC.

Tarot Professionals

Online closed facebook group for anyone doing Tarot at any level. Post questions about your studies and get info from Tarot people all over the world. You can be a beginner or a master. This is NOT a site for readings, but for information about the use and practice of Tarot. Run by Marcus Katz and Tali Goodwin.

Have you found an exceptional resource? Please share it with me in the comments.


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