ARKARTIA! The new "IT" place for Tarot - A Review


There is something afoot in the Tarot World that is so innovative and incredible that you must check it out to believe it.

How would you like to hang out in a virtual Tarot wonderland, complete with voyagers, wayfarers, Pages, Kings, artisans, Tarot professionals from around the globe, and you?

How would you like to follow a map to learn Tarot, spreads, ideas, concepts, new ways, old ways and not yet imagined ways of approaching the Tarot?

How would you like an app that, when you hold your phone over Tarot cards, a scroll appears giving you vital information on the cards? (I mean, REALLY!! How cool is that??)

ALL THIS and much more are part of the astonishing 6 year creation of Marcus Katz and Tali Goodwin.

They are bringing this massive undertaking to the public via Kickstarter and the link is here to support their creation:


In my attempt to bring you the most up to date and fantastic Tarot possibilities, I URGE you to visit the site and if you like what you see, support this undertaking.

It will be a website, an app and on social media. It will be an adventure, a journey and a community. As you travel across its landscape, you will have the opportunity to interact with Tarot lovers and learners around the globe.

The artwork, by the marvelous artist and Tarot deck creator Ciro Marchetti, transforms Arkartia into a masterfully colorful and dynamic realm.

The DEPTH of the project boggles the mind. No, I haven't yet experienced it completely, but take a look at the descriptions and videos and get a sense for yourself of this massive undertaking.

I own several books by Marcus and Tali, and I can tell you that their knowledge, love and understanding of Tarot is extraordinary. All of which, combined with their rich imagination, brings you this once in a lifetime project.

This is for EVERYONE and ANYONE interested in Tarot and Tarot mysteries, whether you are a complete novice or a Master Tarot Wizard.

So! Please join me in ARKARTIA. I'll be there roaming around as soon as the gates open.

Magic awaits...

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