I have been a professional Tarot reader for many years. I have been intrigued and studied the Tarot since I was a little girl.  And it runs in my family. My mother was an accomplished astrologist, and my Aunt Rosie read playing cards. She was amazingly accurate. No wonder I was drawn to the cards!

The Tarot is a powerful tool to help you bypass your conscious, critical mind, and allow your subconscious, intuitive mind to speak to you. Underneath our mind's chatter lies an incredible wisdom that can guide us to fulfill our potential, if only we can hear it.


My approach to Tarot is to provide a positive, insightful, and meaningful experience for each client.

The pictures on the cards are archetypes. They rouse our memories and  our intuition. They communicate directly with our hearts and our inner understanding. No matter what situation we are in, we always seem to pick the card we need to see. I want to help you find your own wisdom in the cards.

In addition to in-depth, individual readings I also do shorter readings for parties and events. I have read at weddings, Bridal showers, birthday parties, corporate events and special events. The Tarot provides an enlightening, evocative element to any gathering.

Elise Kress: Tarot Reader VA